Daily Blog Challenge

I’ve decided to post daily to this blog. This may be difficult. I tend to have trouble writing things that I feel are worthy of sharing on the internet. No matter. When it comes to blogs, I suppose it’s better to write poorly than not to write at all.

I plan to discuss a variety of topics in this blog, but I expect the main recurring themes to be law, theology, and philosophy. Not all of my posts will be long. In fact, most of them will probably be about as brief as this one—just a few paragraphs. My future posts will link to content that I either find interesting or feel the need to criticize. I will also discuss the books that I’m reading.

Hopefully, if I get in the habit of writing, the quality of my writing and the clarity of my thinking will both improve. I have a lot of thoughts that might be interesting, but I usually disappoint myself when I try to articulate them. My expectation is that trial and error will help me to sort the wheat from the chaff and build on what is worth building on.


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