Thank God

Every once in a while, I’m reminded that I am actually not a good person. I am a weak-willed, selfish fool. Being self-serving and proud as I am, it’s easy for me to think back to times when I have behaved in ways that I consider morally admirable, but those are anomalous instances for which I can take no credit. I am thoroughly corrupt, and any evidence to the contrary is entirely a result of God’s grace, and not of my own merit.

How is it that sometimes I am able to control my inclinations toward sin, but that sometimes I am not? Why is the will strong in some instances and weak in others? It’s a trick question. I can never control my own inclinations to sin, and my will is always weak. It is only God who keeps me from sin and in righteousness. If it weren’t for him, I would always yield to temptation. Thankfully, he daily shields me from the worst attacks of the sin that is within me.

But why doesn’t he just destroy the sin so that it can no longer tempt me?

I guess so that I stay humble, perhaps? I don’t know, exactly. I do know, however, that he eventually will make me completely righteous, and that my will will be bound to his. In any case, thank God. If it weren’t for him, my sin would devour me and I would be wholly destroyed.


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