Blogs I Read

There’s a lot of good content on the internet. There’s also a lot of bad content on the internet. Here are some places where I regularly find more good content than bad. They are mostly focused on law, but there’s also a lot of commentary on free speech and the campus controversies surrounding it.

Simple Justice

This is Scott Greenfield’s blog. Greenfield is a criminal defense lawyer. He writes about the Supreme Court and constitutional law, as well as campus free speech controversies, several times a day. I’ve been reading every post that goes up on the blog since I found it, and they’re always good.


Popehat is a blog run primarily by Ken White, another criminal defense lawyer. White and the others who run the blog have libertarian leanings, and one of the main topics they write on is free speech. They also have some commentary on media coverage of legal controversies (journalists are usually bad at legal analysis), in addition to commentary on appellate and Supreme Court decisions. Every once in a while they publish something funny just for kicks.

The Volokh Conspiracy

Eugene and Sasha Volokh started this law blog in 2002. It has since moved to the Washington Post and gained a bunch more authors, most of whom are law professors. The blog is generally conservative/libertarian in its leanings, although many of the posts are focused on technical legal questions, rather than political issues.


This blog is, far and away, the best resource for people interested in quick updates on what is happening at the Supreme Court. They have all the case materials available for download, including cert petitions and amicus briefs. They also have a calendar that indicates when the Court is expected to release orders or decisions, when oral arguments for different cases are happening, and when the Justices will have conferences. There’s also a lot of helpful posts that explain why particular cases are important and what the relevant legal questions are for those cases.


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