Both Parties are Terrible

It’s unavoidable. Politicians are in the pocket of special interests. They say otherwise, but they’re usually lying. They need the special interests, otherwise they won’t get elected, but they also need to convince you that they’re pursuing the common good. Don’t be fooled: like all other people, politicians are motivated by self-interest. They need to get elected and re-elected, and they need to be liked. What this means is that they have every reason to conceal their true motives, and almost no reason to be transparent. Don’t trust them more than you have to.

I like it when people are critical of politicians. What bugs me is when people are critical only of politicians on one side of the aisle. This makes no sense. Just because someone says they’re on your side does not mean that they are on your side. Why shouldn’t they take your vote and pass legislation that hurts you? You probably wouldn’t even know, because who really pays attention to Congress?

The leaders of our country are not heroes, at least, they aren’t while they’re in office. If we look back on their legacies and decide that they were really great for our country, then we can mythologize and romanticize them. But as long as they’re in office, we should remain suspicious.


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