Patriotism and Putting Down Roots

I wrote this post for Travel Lite Blog.

Travel Lite

Guest Post by Davis Campbell

To be patriotic is to be loyal to one’s country. TCKs, we are told, have a sense of relationship to many cultures, rather than belonging to a single culture. How, then, can one be both a TCK and a patriot? This is a question I continue to wrestle with as an American who grew up outside of America.

There is tension between the TCK identity and patriotism. However, the fact that there is tension between these two things doesn’t mean that they can’t coexist. In fact, each of the two can complement and strengthen the other. Being a TCK has helped me to be a better American, and developing a stronger connection to my passport country has helped me to better understand the value of my experience as a TCK.

The aversion some TCKs have to patriotism is similar to another common symptom of the…

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