Some Kind of Party, I Guess

There was a gigantic banquet. The venue looked like a huge grocery store. There was all kinds of food all over the place. I ended up staying later than I wanted to, around 11. Most of the partygoers were King’s students and alumni (some of whom I have not met). Some people I saw there: Dr. Johnson, Josh Craddock, Evelyn Stetzer, Sung Jun Kim. Sung Jun was cooking bacon. It was delicious.

A lot more happened, but the only other part of the dream I remember clearly is drinking milk towards the end of the party. I added some kind of sleep potion to it so that I could fall asleep. Someone criticized me for drinking whole milk, saying that it’s the most sugary milk, but I responded that it’s actually just the most fatty milk. He conceded that I was correct. I also remember thinking about taking an Uber home, but I don’t know if I went through with it.


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