Poe’s Law

Poe’s law is that, without a clear indication of satirical content, any parody of extreme views on the internet is virtually indistinguishable from the genuine opinion of a crazy person. Twitter is filled with proofs of Poe’s law.

For example:

This could easily be satire. Unfortunately, it’s not. Some people are just that stupid. Or maybe they’re not stupid. They’re smart enough to convince themselves to believe things that are incoherent. That’s a kind of intelligence, I suppose. It’s just intelligence directed toward a stupid end.

And again:

Obviously the attacks in London are a result of a) toxic masculinity and b) Brexit. If Brexit hadn’t happened, radical jihadist terrorists probably wouldn’t bother attacking the West. It’s not like they believe the West is filled with infidels who need to be destroyed. Maybe if we were nicer to the terrorists, they would leave us alone. We also need to be more feminist. Islam is the most feminist religion; I bet all those Islamic terrorists are just trying to dismantle our systems of hegemonic western oppression. They’re really heroes for challenging the white supremacist fascist cisheteronormative patriarchy.

According to Poe’s law, I must here state explicitly that the entire paragraph above is parody.

Let’s play a game: try to determine which of the following are genuine and which are satire:




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