Infrastructure Spending is Sexist

Dumb opinion of the day:

Rich white men are the ones who drive? No. Just no. My response:

Driving isn’t just a leisure activity. It’s what makes most of our consumption possible. Invest in roads so that fewer people die while transporting everything you need from point A to point B, even if some of those people happen to be white men. Welfare checks won’t do much good if all the food is stuck at the farm and there are no roads connecting the farm to the city.

Her response:

Yes. I was definitely referring to corporations, and not the flesh-and-blood humans who drive trucks for a living. Unfortunately, my American love of corporations is ruining the “debate” (if there is any such thing on Ms. Criado-Perez’s feed).

My conclusion is that this person does not understand economics, or at least that she doesn’t want to. Her agenda is more important to her than the truth. Blaming everything on rich white men is more important to her than actually securing the welfare of the people she claims to speak for as a feminist. Her blog tagline is “a pox on the patriarchy,” which I’d say is about half-right.


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